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Get your measurements

You’ll need your height and inseam (in centimeters). Find your inseam using the 3-step “book method.” 

1. Take off your shoes. 

2. Place a book vertically in between your legs and up into your crotch. This simulates the saddle (or seat) of a bike.

3. Use a tape measure to find the distance from the soles of your foot to the top of the book.

Note: the table below is a rough guide. Measurements can vary between manufacturers. 

Height (cm) Inseam (cm) Frame size (cm) Frame size (e.g.Canyon)
150-160 <74 43-49 2 XS
161-165 75-77 50-51 2 XS
166-170 78-80 52-53 XS
171-175 81-83 54-55 S
176-180 84-86 56-57 M
181-185 87-89 58-59 L
186-190 90-92 60-61 XL
191-195 93-95 62-63 2 XL
>196 >95 >64 3 XL


Getting more specific information

Check with the manufacturer 

  • Many manufacturers have size guides for specific models available online.

Speak directly with the seller

  • Use the comment section to ask the seller about the bike fit.
  • Sellers can provide extra photos, videos, or details in the comments. 

Important guidelines

  • Do not share personal contact information or try to make arrangements outside of buycycle. This violates our terms of service and puts you at risk.
  • All transactions must be conducted through the buycycle platform to be covered by buyer protection. Going off-platform exposes you to potential scams.

We offer personalized purchase advice

Feeling unsure about a bike? Our team can help.

  • Copy the link to the bike(s) you’re interested in.
  • Email us at with the link and your questions.
  • Include your name and preferred contact method — email, phone, etc.
  • We'll get back to you as soon as possible.

With our personalized advice, you can buy with confidence!


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