Why use buycycle?

buycycle is committed to providing a world-class experience for buyers and sellers. Here’s how it happens: 

  1. Trust & safety: We prioritize the trust and safety of both buyers and sellers above all else. This is why we insist all transactions be handled through our platform, eliminating the risk of potential scams.

  2. Dedicated customer service: Our team is always here to offer advice and answer questions. Whether it’s about buying the right bike, the payment process, shipping your bike, or anything else, help is a click or call away.

  3. We make it easy. We handle shipping for buyers and sellers, and automatically suggest the best price to quickly sell your bike. We make buying and selling a pre-owned bike easier than anyone.

  4. Buyers are protected: We protect buyers by offering 48 hours to make sure the bike arrives in the condition you were promised. If not, return the bike for a full refund.

  5. Transparent pricing & low fees: Buyers see any extra charges or fees before entering payment info. For sellers, we automatically deduct fees from your earnings, which you can see before posting your ad.

  6. Global connectivity: buycycle connects buyers and sellers from around the world, offering an unparalleled platform to buy and sell a pre-owned bike.

buycycle is more than just a marketplace — we’re a community of bike enthusiasts, backed by a team of dedicated professionals who are passionate about bikes. We're committed to serving our community and ensuring that your experience on our platform is reliable, convenient, and secure.


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