Sellers on buycycle: Everything you need to know

Private sellers

On buycycle, all sellers must verify their identities before receiving payment. You can rest assured sellers are who they claim to be, and your money is secure throughout the transaction. 

Private sellers are accountable for honoring the sale terms, accurately describing the bike’s condition, and shipping the bike in a timely manner.

Buyer Protection

If a seller misrepresents a bike or other sale factors, buyers are protected. Buyers can return the bike if it’s different than described, and we can mediate any disputes quickly and fairly. For more information, see our return policy.

buycycle certified dealers

A bicycle purchased from a certified dealer comes with a dealer warranty, undergoes professional checks, and allows you a 14-day return window if it doesn't meet your standards.

Each of our partners is handpicked. And before working with us, we vet each certified dealer.

Refurbished bikes

Each of our refurbished bicycles is handpicked by our team, then professionally overhauled by mechanics. The condition of the entire frame is checked, and any worn-out parts are replaced. Following a 50-point checklist, all refurbished bikes are road tested.

Buycycle’s refurbished bikes come with a 2-year warranty, so you can ride worry-free.

We have partnered with other bike experts from all over Europe, and also offer refurbished bikes from our partners, including Tuvalum, Rebike, Velio, and many more.


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