Can I negotiate the price?


On the bike's sales ad, click Make an offer. This is under the Show buying options button.

After receiving your offer, the seller has three options:

  1. Accept the offer: The seller agrees to your offer and the sale price is finalized.
  2. Decline the offer: The seller declines and the original price remains. Note: There's no time limit for sellers to respond. After 48 hours without a response, your offer expires. 
  3. Make a counteroffer: The seller proposes another price, which you can accept or decline.

Important: If your offer is accepted, you are committed to buy the bike at the proposed price, as per our terms and conditions. Making an offer signifies your intention to purchase the bike if the seller agrees.

Offer accepted: What happens next?

The sale is not finalized until you click Show buying options on the bike's listing, proceed through checkout, and submit your payment.

Please note: for Refurbished Bikes, the sales price is set and negotiation is not possible. 


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