Can you help me choose a bike?

Yes! We offer personalized support to help you find the right bike. Email us at 

What we can help with

1. Understanding your needs

Off-road trails? Long-distance rides? Daily transportation? Something else entirely? We can help you find the best bike for your intended use.

2. Finding the right bike size

We can guide you through measuring your inseam and determining the correct frame size. It's important to get the size just right to ensure your bike fits you like a glove

3. Advice with features and components

It’s essential to understand what a bike’s features and components mean for your riding experience. We can talk you through things like gear systems, suspension, brakes, and tire types.

4. Maintenance and care

We can provide tips on cleaning, lubrication, and minor repairs to help keep your bike in top shape for years.


What we can't do

1. Provide specific bike listings

If you're looking for information about a particular bike listed on our platform, we encourage you to visit the listing page. Specific details about individual bikes, including price, condition, and seller information, can be found there.

2. Negotiate on your behalf

Many sellers will negotiate the price with you. Simply go to the listing and click the Make an offer button to get started.

Thanks, and happy biking!



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