What’s your return policy?

Our Buyer Protection policy covers your return and refund for the following conditions:

  • Wrong bike received
  • Significant differences between the bike you receive and its description in the listing
  • Discrepancies in the bike’s condition, features, or any other aspects explicitly stated in writing in the description

Not covered

  • The bike arrives with imperfections or damage consistent with the rating on the listing or in the seller’s description. (For more information on how we rate bike conditions, click here).
  • The size was correctly stated on the listing but the bike does not fit you. 
  • There are discrepancies based solely on the bike photo.
    • The bike may be photographed with accessories or components that will not be included. 
    • Please ask the seller directly if you want to know what parts, accessories, or extras will be included with your purchase. 

How to request a return

  1. Keep the original packaging.
    • You can use your own box, but make sure it’s no larger than 45" x 12" x 30".
    • Otherwise, we will deduct the shipping costs from your refund.
    • If the original box arrived too damaged to reuse, let us know. We'll find a solution.
  2. Notify us within 48 hours of the bike's arrival.
    • Quick reporting is vital for invoking the buyer protection process.
  3. Send photos of the problem with your bike.
    • Share photos along with anything you think would help us understand the problem.

You can send your claim to our dedicated support email at help@buycycle.com.

Our response to your claim

If your return claim is approved

  • Return: We'll schedule the bike's return from your address at no cost to you.
  • Refund: We'll issue a refund for the total purchase price once we process your return, which can take 1-2 days.  

Alternatives to returning the bike

Something not quite right but you aren’t sure if you want to return the bike? Let us know. We will work with you and the seller to find a fair solution. 


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