Why was my payment declined?

We understand it's frustrating when your payment method is declined. There are several reasons why this might occur.

1. Insufficient funds

Insufficient funds in your account or on your credit/debit card is of the most common reasons for a decline. Check your account balance, or contact your bank for further assistance.

2. Expired or invalid card

If the card you're using has expired or the information you've entered (such as the card number, expiration date, or security code) is incorrect, the payment will be declined. Make sure to verify and update your card information and try the transaction again.

3. Billing address mismatch

When your billing address doesn't match the one associated with your payment method, it can lead to a declined payment. Make sure the billing address provided to buycycle matches the one on file with your bank or card issuer.

4. Payment method restrictions

Certain payment methods may have restrictions or limits set by the issuer or bank. Check with your financial institution to ensure there are no restrictions on your card that might be causing the decline.

5. Security measures

Banks and card issuers employ various security measures to protect their customers. If they suspect fraudulent activity, they may decline the payment. Contact your bank to confirm or resolve any security issues on your account.

6. Daily transaction limits

Many payment methods, especially credit cards, have daily transaction limits. Check that you haven't reached your daily spending limit, and consider contacting your bank if an increase is needed.

7. Technical issues

Sometimes technical issues can lead to declined payments. If none of the above reasons have identified your issue, try waiting for a while before trying the transaction again. You can also contact customer support for assistance.

8. Card locked or frozen

If your card has been locked or frozen by your bank or card issuer, you won't be able to make transactions until the issue is resolved. Contact your bank to unlock your card.


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