Do you charge any extra fees?

All fees are displayed before you pay. They’ll appear once you've selected your delivery method during checkout. 

These include the buycycle fee, taxes & customs (if applicable), and optional tune-up service (if selected).

buycycle fee

All transactions include a buycycle fee. This fee is crucial for the buycycle Buyer Protection.

If the wrong bike arrives, or the bike significantly differs from the description by the seller, Buyer Protection keeps buyers safe. The bike will be returned at no additional cost, and buyers receive a full refund.

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Taxes don’t apply to purchases made within Europe or the USA. For instance, if you're in Poland and buying a bike from Germany, no tax or VAT will be charged. If you buy and ship from state to state within the USA, the same rule applies. 

However, bikes imported from outside the EU or the USA are subject to import/export duties. So if you're in Germany and purchasing a bike from the UK, import taxes will apply. No undisclosed charges or additional duties required.

buycycle Services Checks

Buyers can add warranty options with professional tune-ups from our certified mechanics for their pre-owned bikes. Learn more here


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