Do you offer expedited shipping?

We understand the desire to receive your bike quickly. However, expedited shipping is not available.

buycycle connects individual buyers with sellers, so delivery time frames depend on the pickup date they select.

Can you expedite my order on my behalf? We are willing to reach out to sellers on your behalf to ask how soon they are willing to ship your bike, but we cannot dictate the exact ship date. Sellers have a 3-week window to select a pickup window, with the specific date at their discretion.

Is there a way to ensure faster shipping? Unfortunately, we can't force sellers to expedite beyond their availability. The peer-to-peer model limits our influence on logistics. We'll communicate your desire for expedited shipping, but we can't guarantee a faster delivery time frame.

What about international shipments? For international shipments, we collaborate with third-party logistics partners. This coordination makes it challenging to expedite deliveries from Europe to the USA and Canada.

What if I need a bike urgently? Contact us before you place an order if you need a bike for a race or special event. We can ask the seller directly how soon they can ship before you commit to ordering, providing a more accurate estimate based on their schedule.

For more information, see also How long does shipping take?


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